Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7 Bonaire 10-29-10

Today was Butterfly Farm Day. This place was a huge net buiding with all types of foliage and butterflies and a few parakeets.

The most beautiful butterfly there was actually a blue moth. There were several, but very hard to take a picture while they were flying about. And when they stopped and were resting, they stayed closed. When closed, they have an eye pattern on their wings. They use this as a defense against birds. The eyes look like they belong to something much larger, so birds stay away. But they were beautiful blue.

Another blue actual butterfly was a Blue Cracker. When the males are defending their territory, they fly about and make a snap/crack sound with their wings against their bodies. Kinda like crickets do.

This farm also had a large Koi fish pond in the middle and those Koi think anybody sitting on the edge of their pond, is there to feed them. They are very friendly and make sucker noises. If you put your hand in the water, they suction your fingers looking for food. It is a weird feeling. They were beautiful. Black and orange and white mixes. One was so bright orange, he was neon like my sweatshirt.

Jerry and I were the only ones there, so we could take our time, relax and watch all the prettys fly or swim around.

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