Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2 Bonaire 10-24-10

Sunday found me absolutely needing to get into the water and start snorkeling. The condo owner said that some of the best snorkeling was right outside the condo. She said there was excellent reef across the channel and reef off to the left. The condo complex has a wonderful deck with stairs right into the beautiful turquoise water.

But first Jerry, aka "The Lizard King", needed some face time with his subjects. Reading that iguanas like fruits and veggies, especially apples, we picked up a bag to feed the colony of reptiles living in the bushes and rock wall outside the condo. From iguanas to whiptail lizards, Jerry has them expecting treats whenever he goes out to the balcony. They waddle over and stand underneath like subjects awaiting an audience with their king. And we discovered that they also like Apple Jacks cereal. Beggars, all of them now.

The 1st trip into the water was awesome. We saw squid and a moray eel, which actually freaked me out because I thought he'd come out of his hole and take a bite out of me. (They won't really.) We saw a barracuda and lots and lots of fish.

We spent almost 3 hours in the water. We were exhausted and excited.

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