Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Trip to Sarah's Farm to See Baby Goats

Belle had her twins the night before. She had a buck and a doe. The Milligan family has committed to adopting both, but the buck being able to be adopted with his sister is still under review.

Andrew and Jacob played Billy Goat as they climbed over the goat's playground toys.

This one is my favorite.
Lucy (and Sarah) were very patient and kind while we all manhandled their poor baby goats- but they're so darn cute!!!

Boone gave Sarah and Andrew a ride.....

....Jacob got a ride from his daddy Mark.....

...and Auntie Becca got to haul Anna around. Nobody offered to carry me anywhere.....

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Baby in Her "BUBBLE"

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. These to me are hysterical. Anna, please forgive Aunt T for taking pics of you trapped like a pig baby in your cage.

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It's More Fun than It Looks

Anna watched with amusement from her playpen, while her brothers swept my driveway so Jordan could safely rollerblade rock free. THEY volunteered to do this. I did not suggest or encourage the sweeping of my driveway.

Jacob took very seriously his "BROOM" which we will no longer use to wash our vehicles with.

It wasn't ALL manual labor at Aunt T's. They rode bikes and did a few crafty things. Figures I didn't take any pics of the COOL projects I did with the kids-- just the backbreaking labor. Maybe Wendy will be so kind as to post pics of the race cars and animal painting crafts we really did do. Please Wendy?! Don't let people think I'm a horrible kidsitter..........
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all the great and fantastic, loving and nurturing, patient and weary women in my life......
Thank you especially to my Mom for being the awesome lady she is and raising me right, and still being there for me whatever I need. I love you!
And Thank you too Jeanie, Jerry's Mom, for bringing up a wonderful man and fantastic husband. He is perfect and I love him.

Lucy's Update

Lucy is a first time momma to 3 kids. 2 girls(does) and a billy (buck). Hope to go see her and Belle's kids( if she hurries up and has them.) on Saturday if it's ok with Miss Sarah.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party

Anna helped blow up balloons for the surprise party for Mom.
Thass Alot of Flame!!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Quick! Open a window!!

Happy Birthday Gramma!!!

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Do They Get Any Cuter?

.....Including my husband.


Yaay Anna!

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