Sunday, May 4, 2008

Field Trip to Sarah's Farm

"RED" greeted us when we got there.The Milligan's have been considering the idea of buying a female goat from a milking aspect. Jacob suffers from a dairy allergy, but few meals in life require milk in some way. I work for Sarah at the HD. She has a small farm that includes 2 very pregnant goats. She kindly invited us up to her place to talk goat w/ Mark and Wendy and let the boys have some hands on learning about farm animals since they just started a unit on farms in school.
Jacob and "PUTTY TAT" made friends.

Sarah shows off the goat hutch and milking station.

We all got to feed "BELLE" and "LUCY" their favorite treat of Cheerios.

Sarah made chocolate pudding from goats milk and had some drinking milk on hand to try. The Milligan's thought it was tasty and not too different from cow milk.

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