Monday, August 2, 2010

Lots of New Posts

 Read until you get to us as farmers. Lots of catching up.

First Video of Karis

Anticipation of Rebecca's return from Africa centered around the pictures and videos of Karis and the time Rebecca was able to spend with her. The kids were excited to see their baby sister. Because Mark and Wendy have not been to court officially yet for her, I had to fuzz lil Karis' image. When she's home, I will undo this, but sorry for now.

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Rebecca's Home from Africa

Everybody got something from Rebecca's amazing trip.
like a drum for Andrew from Uganda.Coffee from Ethiopia
And Anna has a new babydoll!

She loves her new baby and showed it to everyone.
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Mykenna's 9th Birthday!

Jerry and I celebrated Mykenna's 9th when we got home from the slope. She's always drawing pictures for us, so we wanted her to have a bigger scale to work on.

So excited to get at it.
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Picasso's Muse

Mykenna's 1st work of art was a Picasso like portrait of ME! Hope I really don't look like this. But then she did a much tighter version and I felt better.
But then she did Jerry too, and I know he's more handsome than that, but a newer cleaned up version did not follow. hmmmm?
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Plastic Bags Aren't Toys

But they can be and they're FUN!!

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Artists Working Well Together

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Pre 8th Birthday Excitement for Andrew

Jerry and I were going to be away at work when Andrew (and Mykenna's) birthdays with parties were going to be celebrated. So our gift was given a little early and everyone was soooooo excited and thrilled.
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They Had a secret

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Tender Loving Care

This young man has a green thumb. Since these pictures were taken, his plants were flourished enough to go outside. He took great care in nurturing his garden.

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