Sunday, December 28, 2008

Professional Family Photos

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2008 Big Top Christmas Hosted by Yours Truly

Kimberly's boyfriend Veon joined our celebration...... did Rebecca's boyfriend Dave.... did our favorite family Doctor and Chiropractor Dr. Sandra and her husband Rusty.
My friend Kathie gave me an awesome suggestion for a table to fit 10 adults. It worked great for her family get together. She put a blanket over her dining room table, and put a 4'x8' piece of plywood on top of that. it comfortably seats 10 people, is wide enough then so no one is sitting on a table leg, and you can fit all your prepared food on the table also. Our table was gorgeous with Mom's poinsettia dishes.

Christmas secrets?
Jacob got a new firetruck from Aunt Kimmy and kids. See a below picture of his secondary use for it.
Mom made a dress for Mykenna's Twinn doll, to match the one she made for our family pictures we had done.
Keenan loves his gift certificate to a bookstore. He LOVES to read.
Jacob turned his firetruck gift into a twofer. Play with the firetruck out of the box, turn the box into a disguise.
Wendy made Mom some beautiful table runners for all seasons. Sewing is Wendy's new hobby and she looks to be a natural at it.
I had to lie right to my Dad's face at Thanksgiving when he asked if I had my New York connections (Laura), procurring this year's Hess Trucks (not available for online purchase and only purchasable at Hess gas stations, and they're only on the northeast coastal states.) I looked him right in the eye and said that by the time I remembered to ask her, they were already sold out in her area, so she wasn't able to get one and I couldn't get money to her in time to look near her parent's house when they went to visit in Rochester. Lie upon lie after lie. Naughty, naughty. What I couldn't tell him was that 2 weeks earlier, I had already made arrangements with Laura and had Dad's procurred, secured and ready to roll.Andrew dropped whatever he was playing with as soon as he saw what Gramps had opened. He Loves Hess trucks. Little did he or his Dad Mark know, but I also got one for Mark too-he just hadn't opened it yet. Thank you Laura for going to all that trouble every year for this.
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Snowy Dog-Snowy Daddy

Being of sled dog heritage, my dog Molly LOVES the snow! Christmas Day we got a foot of the stuff.
Seriously- she loves snow. The first thing she does when she goes outside is stick her face in as deep as she can. I guess it's refreshing if you had a thick, furry,warm coat like that.
My Dad on the other hand, probably DOESN'T love snow as much. Not refreshing even with a thick, full coverage,warm Cabela's wintergear. But the driveway must be snowblowed! ( Doesn't he look like the Abominable Snowman?)
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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Alrighty then! So I got the new blog setup ready to go. I'll start uploading beautious nature scenes soon. Your continued patience is appreciated. You can find the new blog on this site or

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is being done. I promise. I am wholeheartedly revving up and laying out my new blog of all things nature. It will not only show off the beauty of things around me, but will accommodate people who also want to suroound themselves as well with what I see.

It'll be fun.

I will release it's name soon--stay tuned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess the Theme of Jacob's 4th Birthday

Honorary Grandparents Ben and Rosella gifted each of the boys these almost authentic firefighter uniforms. True to life material and accessories too. Fantastic!

Wendy is a very creative Mom. She created this cake completely dairy free (Jacob's allergy). Cool huh?

Present from brother Andrew!

Aunt T and Uncle Jerry split his 2 favorite interests for gifts. Molly the Engine for his train set and Firefighter Walter Blaze the puppet.
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