Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunrise or Sunset??

Sunsetting. It was 1:30 in the afternoon. Sunset was at 2:50pm this day. The slope is losing apprx 15 minutes a day of daylight. November 24th will be the last sunrise/sunset of the year for Deadhorse 60 miles West of where I work. But 30 miles East of where I work, in a village called Kaktovik, last sunrise/sunset will be on November 25th. The day will last 49 minutes either way. The sun will not rise again until January 17th in Kaktovik and January 18th in Deadhorse. 54 DAYS!
Sunrise will be around 1230p and set a little before 1 o'clock. That's a 26 minute day. But then we'll start gaining daylight by 15 minutes each day. 54 days is one very long night!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Jacob's Birthday..... the 5th

This is a boy very excited for birthday presents. he has waited 12 extra days to get them from Aunt T and Uncle Jerry. We were on the slope for his birthday too.

That's a big bag of stuff for a big-not medium- sized boy.

Uncle Jerry found him this cool hat... (funny after reading Wendy's post. Catch up here.) It had 2 little LED lights in the brim of the hat. Great for hands being free for chores getting done after dark.I think it's gonna be a keeper.

And we got him from Utah (of course) this Native American headress.
With an imagination like Jacob's, we tried to find something different to dress up with. I think we succeded.

An Indian headress can also become a beard apparently.

Chief Harley Davidson w/ his trademarked sunglasses in his birthday bag to go w/ his jacket.
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Hey...Why didn't Mark....?

The family (not including Mark), tried on Jacob's new headress. Fabulous!

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PreBedtime Play



Twirling They all had some way of "winding down".
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Thanksgiving's Coming

Jerry and I helped the kids make their gourd /mini pumpkin turkeys. I believe I will attempt an ellaborate one for myself. Will post if it gets accomplished.
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Good Grief!!

I just noticed I never finished my Whittier Anniversary draft for the blog. It'll wait a little longer I guess. Sorry.

Wendy's Birthday.....

....Jerry and I were on the slope. And then we were off on Vacation. She finally received her present from us on October 31st. Being so musically inclined and knowing how to play a wide variety of instruments, I wanted to add something unusual to her repertoire. While in Utah, we saw Native American/Navajo flutes for sale. Handcrafted by local (Page,AZ) Navajos. Complete w/ instruction CD and book. We were fortunate to hear them played by our canyon guides and they sound beautiful and a little haunting. Wendy wanted to learn it right then and there. She'll be a pro at it in no time.

Even Jacob got a turn.
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