Monday, November 2, 2009

Jacob's Birthday..... the 5th

This is a boy very excited for birthday presents. he has waited 12 extra days to get them from Aunt T and Uncle Jerry. We were on the slope for his birthday too.

That's a big bag of stuff for a big-not medium- sized boy.

Uncle Jerry found him this cool hat... (funny after reading Wendy's post. Catch up here.) It had 2 little LED lights in the brim of the hat. Great for hands being free for chores getting done after dark.I think it's gonna be a keeper.

And we got him from Utah (of course) this Native American headress.
With an imagination like Jacob's, we tried to find something different to dress up with. I think we succeded.

An Indian headress can also become a beard apparently.

Chief Harley Davidson w/ his trademarked sunglasses in his birthday bag to go w/ his jacket.
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