Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Darryl and His Other Brother Darryl

What's weirder than seeing a moose's butt in your living room window?........

......seeing 2 moose's butts in you living room window.

Melting snow revealed our lawn as a yummy dinner for these young moose. 

They unfortunaely do windows....

2 yearlings recently kicked from the nest because momma moose will be dropping new calves next month.


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We invited them to a buffet of semi rotten pears and limp carrots and bruised apples.
No- my ficus tree is not on the menu. you may not come in!
Come visit again soon.

Have I Told you Lately......?

......How Much I completely love and adore this man with my whole being. I love you Jerry! The half of my wholeness , the ying to my yang and the calm for my many storms. I am yours completely. Thank you for being mine for keeps.
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Go Deep.

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. Well I have been a bloggin' fool tonite trying to get this R&Rs worth of family fun blogged before I leave back for the slope tomorrow night. And as Jerry and Rebecca can attest to, I usually am doing this last minute before we run out the door. Not this time. But there is alot, so keep clicking "older posts" until you get to the Kauai post. Everything up til then is new. So enjoy catchin' up or reliving some great memories from the last 2 weeks. I'll be back in 2 weeks- maybe something on the slope will be blog worthy this time.
God Bless!
Til we Blog again.

Gramps' Rabbits

Mom and Dad have a few semi wild rabbits running around their place. Dad usually leaves food out for them. This rabbit is named "Notch" because something took a chunk off of his ear. It looks like a notch. Notch let Mykenna and Keenan up close to feed him some lettuce.
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What's Really Going On?

Really- I don't know.....
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Anna Lubs Her Mommy

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These Kids are So Stinkin' Cute

Cute cousins!

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These Kids Are So Stinkin' Cute 2

Snickers left-Snap right

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Mykenna the (goat) Whisperer

Mykenna has an unusual knack with animals. So far I have not seen her with animal that didn't calm right down around her. Even Molly is a good dog and listens to her and stays calm when she's around. Mykenna just seems to be a Dr Dolittle/ animal whisperer. A future veternarian perhaps?

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Lovin' on Raggedy Ann

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Goats in DA Houuuuuse!

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