Monday, April 19, 2010

My Super Sweet Surprise Birthday Party!

So Jerry and I had planned w/ Wendy to come down on Sunday to see them and the new baby goats before we left for the slope again on Tuesday. Little did we know, the family decided what a perfect time to get together for a surprise birthday party, since I would be on the slope on the actual day of my birthday. Never in all my years do I remember being as surprised as I was when I saw my family standing in Wendy's basement and heard them yell "SURPRISE!!" I indeed was surprised. The cars were all hidden, coats and boots all out of sight... nothing amiss for me to suspect anything. Even the cover story to get me to the basement seemed legitimate. Actually 2 stories: 1)The basement was the neatest and cleanest it had EVER been(see it now because it probably would never be that way again.) 2) The kids were excited to see us, but probably didn't hear us come in since they were intently playing a Mii (a poor version of Wii). Good job! Well done! Thank you Rebecca for making cake and cupcakes w/ purple frosting. It was beautiful and delicious!
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