Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 Generations

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Gazebo For Sale OBO-CHEAP!

Free if you break it down and haul it away!
We were disgusted to find this carnage after some seriously high winds the other day. The same day I called and ordered a netting/screen panel to replace the one with the Molly- made hole in it. Jerry and I had just discussed, also that same day, offering to give it to a family member or selling it on Craigslist.
UGH!!! What a waste!!
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Pool Party at the Doubletree

While in NY, i stayed at the Doubletree Rochester. They had a nice indoor pool where I had fun chillin' with Zak and Em before dinner.

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I'm On A Boat!!

My 2 day visit to New York was blessed with beautiful weather. Fortunately for me, my Uncle Bob needed to test run the boat before winter storage. We had an awesome run through Irondequoit Bay and onto Lake Ontario.

This man is happy on a boat, with a beer and some sunshine.

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My Best Friend!

I miss you very much Laura!!
Love you!
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Limo to Lukans Lake IN

The Seesters were looking gooooood.

And Mike too of course.
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I Am Blessed......

.....because I can witness God's canvas as he paints sunrises on the Arctic Ocean.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pure Happiness

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Baby's Got Blue Eyes

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Random Fun

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The Lego Chopper

Uncle Jerry brought the boys a lego chopper. They worked hard to put it together.
Jacob loves the little people the best.

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Mr. Popularity

Guess who Anna's favorite was the other night?

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