Saturday, July 11, 2009

It was a Beautiful Day for Denali

Denali (or Mt McKinley as the outside calls it) is North America's tallest mountain. She was clear and spectacular the day we came home from the slope. The pilots even dipped the wing to let passengers take some pictures.

We even got a great picture of perfect moraines.

We could see for hundreds of miles it seemed.....
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Flying home from the slope we always go over Fairbanks area. Jerry took some smoke shots from wildfires around there.
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4th of July Deadhorse Style

Slopers are some of the MOST patriotic, America lovin' people you will ever meet. This oil company got the biggest flags they could (pretty close to Perkins size), and flew them off a crane. God Bless America!
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To the ANWR NaySayers.....

...who think that caribou migration will be upset by opening ANWR to drilling.......
Do these caribou look at all bothered,upset or displaced by drilling operations?
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Anna's 1st Mary Kay Party

Rebecca is now a Mary Kay consultant, and her 1st party was for family members. Miss Anna watched and listened intently and followed along with the tools she had.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uncle Jerry is SOOOO Funny!

I find the video kinda funny because when there are children playing outside,in the neighborhood or any other function, most children like to scream. Jerry often asks "Why MUST they scream?" I always answer that it's because they are kids and it's fun and they do it to show what a good time they are having. Somehow he must've finally understood, because he didn't even flinch when Anna did it in his ear.
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