Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dad's 65th Birthday Surprise Luncheon

Dad's birthday was the 11th. Rebecca, Jerry and I were not home for it, so Mom planned a surprise lunch get together at Frosos. He was surprised. He didn't suspect a thing and the whole family was there.

Balloons included.
Happy couple!
Jacob making menu decisions....

Cake and ice cream and presents and Wii back at Mom and Dad's. It was alot of fun!

The Music Cards (videos)

Jerry and I each gave Dad birthday cards, that when opened, played a tune. 1 played the "Star Wars" theme and the other the theme from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". Anna liked them-alot. She would listen to them over and over. Too cute.

Partytime Playtime

Dad's New Toy....

A remote controlled Helicopter! cool!


Whose Race Car is it Anyway?

Dad got his yearly Hess vehicle for his birthday, but didn't get to play with it until the kids left. He's a good boy for sharing :)


Aren't They SOOOOO Fabulously Photogenic?!

Aunt Becca>Jungle Gym