Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Bowling!!

Mykenna and Andrew are exactly 1 year and 2 days apart in age. This year they had a party together at the bowling lanes!

Rebecca multitasking being on the cellphone and bowling at the same time.

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With A Little Help From.....

Mommy helped Jacob get his ball down to where the pins were waitng to be knocked down.

YAAAY!! Good Job Jacob!
Cousin Keenan gave him a helpful roll too.
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Not 1 -But 2 Cakes!!!

Mykenna's pink castle Kimberly made.....

Andrew's RednBlue Rocketship Wendy made.

Flaming fuselage!! and Torched Turrets!!
What's a few sneaky fingerfuls of frosting?
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She Loves a Good Party!

No matter whose party it's for or who's puttin' it on- Anna like to party!

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Birthday Presents!!

Gramma and Gramps gave each of them great devotion books.
Mykenna immediately got artsy with her gift from the Milligan clan.

Mykenna's mommy gave her a My Twinn doll. See post below for more on that.
Kimberly helps Mykenna with the necklace and earrings Aunt T and Uncle Jerry gave her.
Rebecca helps Andrew with the chest waders she and BF Dave gave him for his birthday.

His own camping flashlight.

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Mykenna and Her Twinn

Kimberly gave Mykenna a fabulous MY Twinn doll-complete with matching outfits for her birthday.
Mykenna went to a mirror to check out her new pal side by side.
Best buddies already.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Blog in my List

My bestest friend Laura has finally jumped on the blog bandwagon!!! I am so excited! I put her families blog link on my favorite blog list on my blog.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Foster Soccer

Both waiting on some action.....

Keenan shows some great offensive moves.

Mykenna takes a corner kick for her team.
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After Keenan's game, Kimberly showed she still had some skills left over from high school soccer.