Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nice Evening to Sit About

Especially with an entertaining smile like this....

Molly an Sophie got better acquainted.
Handsome Harley dude modeled his spiffy cool jacket.
Played "ring around the (unlit) fire"

The boys played w/frisbee rings.

Wendy looks FABULOUS!!!

Uncle Jerry parted with a pair of safety glasses to the newest marksmen of the group.
Dinner time!
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Hollywood in a Blink of an Eye

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Boo

Forgot I had pix of a baby caribou and mother off the pad. They mirror each other when they both are eating.

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Duck, Duck Goose, Simon Says or Follow the Leader?

This guy on the right is like me...rather swim in the frigid Arctic Ocean than play a party game.

Is the one 2nd from the right SASSING the leader or heckling his leadership?
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Sunrise on the Arctic Ocean.......

....Reflecting off of Brooks Mountain Range

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Brown Griz Family on the Kenai River

Jerry and I were headed home from Moose Pass and I was on bear watch as we drove along the Kenai River. Sure enough, I see a bear, then another and I yelled "there's millions!" In actuality there were only 3- a momma and her 2 cubs. Still playing with my new camera, I am thrilled w/ the zoom capabilities. Still have a little fuzzy/unfocused issues- but brown bears are exciting to see, so I'm not sure how much of the shakiness was me and what was the camera's fault. The 1st 2 pix here are actual distance from them. The rest are zoomed closeups.


She went over to one of the cubs to check out what he was munching on, took it away from him and sent him to look for something else.
He's kinda pouting don't cha think?

He's a cub.......not so cute and cuddly anymore...

Eventually they started back down river. Momma wandered into the woods expecting the kids to follow....

She had to come back out of the woods to get them. They were distracted, and disobedient.
The cub on the right is having himself a good scratch.
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