Friday, June 11, 2010

We ARE Farmers

The other day while Andrew was visiting, he had this conversation with his Uncle Jerry regarding the dirt
between the house and the grass. Not the dirt in the flower bed well- the dirt on the ground.

Andrew: "This dirt is really good dirt."
Jerry: " It's really not that good of dirt."
Andrew: " Well, you're not a farmer like me, so i really know if it's good dirt or not."

I didn't know that Farmer Andrew was actually working a dirt farm. I thought his was a working ANIMAL farm.

BUT WAIT! What's this? Jerry is working more dirt? Maybe he is a farmer after all.

And look at what us non farmers accomplished in 2 evenings. I think it turned out gorgeous.

But what do we know?-we're not farmers. :)
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picnic@Aunt T's and Uncle Jerry's

A nice picnic out in the gazebo followed by bubble blowing ( no pictures unfortunately-very difficult to make bubbles for a 3 year old to chase AND handle a camera also. ) and sidewalk chalk.

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The Creative Types

Andrew's clouds of Jupiter and a lady.

Jacob's dinosaur and what at first was 2 guys crossing the river to the sand, but later was a map from Seward to Soldotna

Anna's- "This"
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Eyes, Window, Soul

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Look Who's 3!!

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Good Party

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Happy "M" Birthday Anna!

Or "W" depending on your viewpoint.
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Gotta Love Those Musical Cards.

 I have the audio to th ehamster card, if anyone can help post an audio clip.
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Birthday Gifts

Gramma Linda gave Anna her favorite numbers DVD of her very own.

And she made Anna her very own apron so she could help Mommy in the kitchen. Mom was also making a matching apron for Wendy, still in production.

The Hornbergers accessorized her feet with very adorable sandals. (no she is not kicking her brother in the butt. Funny timing though.)

Aunt Kimmy, Mykenna and Keenan gave her books and a stuffed lemur that had a pink striped tail.
Her brothers gave her a complete tea serving set.
Aunt Becca and Mike gave her a farm set.( The brothers were also excited about that.)
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A True Princess

Her Mom and Dad gave her and her dolly matching princess outfits.

Too Cute!!
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