Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keenan's 9!

Strangely, the 2nd birthday this month that the dessert of choice was pie.
Keenan chose lemon merigue. Kimberly made her first pie for him and it was

He got some really cool gifts.
A Hess Monster Truck from Aunt T and Uncle Jerry,
A boxx of football collector cards from Sis Mykenna......

......And some super cool clothes. (Have you ever seen a boy so excited about clothes?)
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pizza and Pie and 20 Candles

Mom made her awesome homemade pizza for lunch before bowling and after bowling we had Rebecca's Choice for birthday dessert.......Pi'na Colada pie. YUUUMMY!

20 candles took a small group effort to blow out, so she recruited Jacob and Andrew....

Royle and baby Roman were almost inseparable. Mommy Lisa was there for the rough patches.

Jacob kicked back and let Gramps read him a story about Jets and Heliwopters.
Dad found it humorous that Jacob's workerman looked like he had a diaper on held up by a toolbelt. If seen in real life would be downright hysterical.

Anna got to eat some sort of smooshed chicken goop.

Anna made a new friend and flirt buddy out of Royle.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Rebecca's 20th Birthday Bowling Party

The whole tribe and a few friends went bowling on a Sunday afternoon.(Thanks Mom and Dad)!
Mom and Dad used to be in bowling leagues a long time ago. Dad has had a perfect 300 game in his lifetime. He had great advice, tips and pointers-all of which worked for better pin dropping!

That ball has a flame on it it's so red hot flying!

Mark obviously has bowled a few games in his day. Great form and a mean spin!

It was Jacob's first time stepping foot into a bowling alley. He was a little hesitant at first, but liked the idea of throwing a ball inside to knock stuff down.
Wait for it...wait....YES!!!

Lookin' good Wendy!

Mom was the only lefty in the bunch, but she still hits 'em just as good.
Keenan has picked up the game like a natural. His form is great, his ball is pretty accurate and each time he bowls his score improves. He might even become a pro-bowler some day.

It was Andrew's first time bowling as well. He gets a little encouragement from Dad.....
Dad shows him a few pointers....

And he's off on his own!
Nice throw Andrew!

Mykenna got a little help from Aunt Becca first....
...then a little help from Gramma.
Uncle Mark gave her a little coaching...
...and she gave it a whirl on her own!
Good job Mykenna!

Rebecca's boyfriend Dave...and a good friend from work, Royle helped celebrate.

Even Kimberly's hair goes with the flow....

Is it naptime? (and for which one?)

Who's winning anyway?

Anna's kind of rolling ball-just right.

We all went to Mom and Dad's for pizza and pina' colada pie. hhhmmmm!
I'll have to blog that tomorrow maybe.....
I'm sleepy....
I gotta work in the morning....
nite nite

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