Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pizza and Pie and 20 Candles

Mom made her awesome homemade pizza for lunch before bowling and after bowling we had Rebecca's Choice for birthday dessert.......Pi'na Colada pie. YUUUMMY!

20 candles took a small group effort to blow out, so she recruited Jacob and Andrew....

Royle and baby Roman were almost inseparable. Mommy Lisa was there for the rough patches.

Jacob kicked back and let Gramps read him a story about Jets and Heliwopters.
Dad found it humorous that Jacob's workerman looked like he had a diaper on held up by a toolbelt. If seen in real life would be downright hysterical.

Anna got to eat some sort of smooshed chicken goop.

Anna made a new friend and flirt buddy out of Royle.

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