Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Because.......

Anna loves Gramps!

She loves her Uncle Jerry Too!

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Baby Poses on a Table

Just laying Anna on a table seems to provide her w/ just as much entertainment as it provides us w/ as many smiles!!

She really does seem to be posing......

Please no more paparrazzi!!!!

oh--ok a few more.

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Gramma Snuggles w/ Anna

Anna snuggled w/Gramma Linda while wrapped up in her favorite blanky from her Grandma Edie in PA.

Molly Regards Anna & visaversa

Molly LOVES the kids and she cannot hold her licker. Anna is delighted and seems fascinated w/ her. Maybe cause she didn't know dogs can be taller when having longer legs. (Sorry Abby--I love you and think you are unique and very cute!)

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Dad and I Babysit

Andrew seems shocked and amused that only Dad and I are there to occupy the Milligan children's time.
Gramps read a rousing book to Jacob.
Dad reads stories with funny voices and his own opinions about the storyline.....

Andrew practiced piano

Jacob played fireman/firetruck for awhile.

While Anna had dinner consisting of cereal and apricots.

All went very smoothly and everyone was happy and had a good time.
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Carhart Kids

Wendy dressed all in Carharts(Alaska's answer to "GAP").Very difficult to get all 3 looking and smiling at the same time. But ok at any rate.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bath n Bedtime at Sadler B n B

The Kids enjoyed their spacious bath in Aunt T and Uncle Jerry's jacuzzi tub.
Aunt Becca watched from her shower cage. Pretty smart I think- great vantage point and no getting wet by a splash gone wild.
Fuzzy, shiny clean after a nice warm bath.......

....topped off with a quiet story read by Uncle Jerry before bedtime.

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