Wednesday, November 28, 2007

House Closing Update

The last few days have been very emotionally challenging for Jerry and I. I have teetered between full blow out rage and possible breakdown sobbing. Because of this I have been avoiding asking our contractor about a closing date and when things would be wrapped up. Thankfully my friend Kathie (who did close on her house tonight) put our contractor on the spot about us and for us. He promised that we will close next Wednesday, Dec. 5th. Keep praying that this will happen. The electrician is done, but the tile needs finishing and all the carpet needs to be put down. Doors and closet shelves need mounting. The plumbing still needs to be put in along with the appliances and the countertops placed. IT'S SO CLOSE......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

Even though Dad was away, Wendy made sure we didn't miss him too much when she came out dressed in his clothes!

My sister Kimberly and her family were vacationing in California and Mom and Dad were in New York, so the rest of us got together on Saturday (due to Black Friday retail shoppers that most of us had to work). We thought it would also be moving day for us but not. Jerry carved up the yummy turkey I roasted. I followed Wendy's friend Karen's English tradition of sticking bacon on top--mmmm! Andrew has a bird's eye view of the proceedings.
Andrew likes it!
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

We Feed Anna

We babysat the kids. Wendy says that Anna is now eating cereal. "She hasn't tried oatmeal yet but here's a box of it." She also warned that Anna was quick w/ the thumbs- if you weren't hanging onto them, they were in the mouth-FAST! Wendy later demonstrated to us how feeding Anna can and is truly a one person job, but for the rookies it was not something to attempt alone.Check out the video to see our struggle.
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Everybody Quiet for Reading

Buck was quite a tired puppy after playing w/ the kids.
Anna, Jacob and Buck all settle down quietly as Aunt Rebecca reads a story.
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The "hat" Jacob is wearing started out as Andrew's "sicky" bowl. He didn't really need it.
Does he look like a kid feeling sick to you?
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Jewelry has Arrived

Rebecca had a lia sophia jewelry party and Anna took a shine to them immediately. She really liked Aunt T's stuff. A sign of the girl liking shiny, pretty things already....?
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Sunset at Tulchina Point

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Thanksgiving and a Happy one to all of you! Unfortunately that even though our contractor said we would be closed before today, the house didn't get done and we didn't move yet. Jerry and I went over after dinner with his folks to check on yesterday's progress. A little of the tile got laid and all the base board molding except bathrooms and main hallway was put on. Please say prayers that we DO close next week and maybe move next weekend. Prayers and even finger crossing-anything will help. Will update again next week.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Cabinets installed makes it feel like things may progress quickly.

Hopefully the crew will keep things moving right along.
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The House is Getting Closer to being Done.....

The view from the front door looking west. We got a foot of snow last night.

Southern exposure

We smile even though the house is 2 months behind. The outside is done anyway.
Jerry taping off the ceiling for the next paint stage.
Jerry paints the hallway "Belgian Sweet"
"Belgian Sweet" accents the lighter "Cup of Cocoa" in the living room.

Posted by PicasaDoorway to the master bedroom. Master is painted "Silver Tradition".

Sunday, November 4, 2007

HayMaze, Horses and BonFire

Solid Rock Bible Camp hosts an inside maze of hay inside their barn. With a reservation, we had the barn to ourselves and a bonfire for hotdogs and marshmallows after.
Some mazers were prepared with fancy headlamps.
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Helping Feed the Horses

Andrew, Mykenna and Jacob put hay out for the horses.

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Anna Checks out the Animals

An Emu

An Alpaca
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