Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

Even though Dad was away, Wendy made sure we didn't miss him too much when she came out dressed in his clothes!

My sister Kimberly and her family were vacationing in California and Mom and Dad were in New York, so the rest of us got together on Saturday (due to Black Friday retail shoppers that most of us had to work). We thought it would also be moving day for us but not. Jerry carved up the yummy turkey I roasted. I followed Wendy's friend Karen's English tradition of sticking bacon on top--mmmm! Andrew has a bird's eye view of the proceedings.
Andrew likes it!
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I Moose Alaska said...

Wow...Wendy is the only half-normal-looking one in the group shot. We need to get our act together! :)

Karen said...

WOW, somebody did their turkey just like me!! Hope it was tasty... It's more of a Christmas tradition seeing as the English don't really "do Thanksgiving"!! But it's tasty just the same! We usually make bacon sandwiches out of the bacon when we take it off the turkey, yum! I love your photographs, they are lovely.

Karen said...

P.S. Wendy looks just stunning as "Dad"!

T or Aunt T or Tricia said...

Thank you Karen for the awesome"recipe" for bacon covered turkey! It was delicious and every turkey I do from now on will always have bacon roasted on it:). It's also very sweet of you to look in on my blog as well-cheers!