Thursday, May 26, 2011

Changes Blew in with the Wind...

My faithful followers, it pains me to say this, but I need to move. I have outgrown this blog 'o mine. Though I love how much customization (prettiness, colors, fonts....) this blog allows me, I speak my life visually mostly. Sadly this blog site, though perfect for wordsmiths, not ideal for picture taking shutterbug nuts, which I am.

Often I shoot upwards from 200-700 pix at a family event. A quarter of these are great shots. Memorable, composed nicely and the subjects are all smiling cute. While this site is only allowing 4 initial uploads that take forever, then additional ones take forever again, then the fight to arrange them......It also challenges me when trying to keep things chronological. I do not have to think about such things over there.

The new Site is so Shutterbug friendly. Though not as pretty and what you are allowed to customize does not have very many options, I can upload 250 pix in 15 minutes, have a complete layout of them in an album or a slideshow and a blog/journal entry to offset the album. Individual pix can be commented on along with separate captions and tagging too. And there's a separate section for videos! And the video upload time is a blink of an eye compared to this site.

Make no mistake, this site has been good to me for many years. Like I said earlier, I have simply outgrown it. I am inviting you to continue following me at a new place. You will see many of the same faces, just lots and lots more of them. (wait, that may put you off visiting....)

I love that you have been a part of our lives. I don't want that to change. I need you. I will miss you if you don't show up on occassion. You can even request membership, which will entitle you to emails when new stuff is posted. C'mon it sounds fun right?

I love you all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drill Baby Drill !!

Sorry to get political on my blog, but this video hits a nerve with our house. Jerry and I both lost our jobs on the North Slope oil field becaue our government will not let our employers drill. They have bogged them down with rules and regulations and threats of yanking their leases. That 74 miles? Yeah. That's the project we were on. 2 production wells were drilled and tested. There is enough oil and gas in those 2 wells and the pocket they've tapped, to last our lifetime and the lifetimes of our children's children. And yet Obama approved our country to give $2 BILLION to Brazil to drill so that we can buy it from them. Does that make sense? The major oil companies are so environmentally conscience about the animals and ecosystems there, that it is hard to get a full days work done. So please, get involved with your politicians. We can make our own energy and will be employing thousands and thousands of people. Too many have already been put on the sidelines waiting.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Teeth

But she didn't break the tomato skin.
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Bike Racing!

With Wii indoors if it's cold, snowy and dark.

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Peek a Boo

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Loving Cousins

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mykenna Coyote

Mykenna is becoming quite the thespian. She is logging lots of stage time with any play production her school or class is involved in. In this play, she is a coyote wanted for questioning in the disappearance of a squirrel.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YaaaY Engaged!

Kimberly ad Veon found their way back to each other. Veon sealed the deal presenting her with a ring on February 11th. She said yes!! As luck would have it, it was Kimberly's turn to host the Family Valentine's Circus. How nice that she had a partner to help her manage the BigTop.

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LOVE-Happiness and JOYS !

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