Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do the Right Thing

Election Day is only a few short days away and many, many people are still on the undetermined fence when it comes to choosing a candidate to vote for. Nowadays, it seems we are not voting for the absolute, perfect candidate, but simply the one who sucks less- the lesser of the 2 evils.

I want to help persuade some of those fence sitters to make the wiser choice. Some, like me may not know the whole stories behind a candidate's words or some are too young to remember a not so past history.

I have recently learned several things about both McCain and Obama. Let me just say that I don't agree 100% with either of them, but McCain definitely seems to be the much less scary of the 2. The future with him as President seems a lot less muddy, and whole lot more about what America needs to stand for than what Obama wants it to stand for.

Check out a few links here to get the scoop on what Obama is muddying up the future and the past with:

and a little about his friend Bill Ayers:

and and insightful blog post from a sound Christian man:

McCain/Palin 2008

God Bless

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coming to a BlogRoll Near You....

I'm thinking that I want to start another blog that contains only nature: wildlife, scenery, other non wild life animal forms, flowers, plants, sunrises, sunsets and any and all combination mixes of such. I want to leave my "showcasing" blog for family, friends and humans. My nature blog I might turn into a gallery type thing where people can order prints. NOTE to self: check and make sure this is legal to do on blogger forum.

You may see some familiars that I've posted on the "showcasing" blog, but I'm holding out some newer stuff as we speak.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Questions, suggestions, comments, criticisms-whatever. I'll probably have it look similiar to the existing one.

Stay tuned for the title and unveiling soon.

Thank you all my readers!

Wendy's Belated Happy Birthday Party

Wendy was out of the country(haha-Pennsylvania actually) for her birthday, so we had a belated get together in honor of her day.
Without fail, everytime we have a birthday party for Wendy, I never take pics of her-just her kids. Well I made sure I took REAL birthdayish pics of her (and got the kiddos included too...)

I don't think Jacob touched the cake after................
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Fun and Helpful

Wendy hosted a lia sophia jewelry party and was trying to make her choices and picks from the catalog. Guess Anna wanted her opinion heard or make a few choices of her own. Needless to say Wendy was getting distracted-ALOT
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This Life

Anna was WAAAy less enthusiastic about her pumpkin while Mykenna showed off her muscles with a bigger one.

She was content to color and even let Aunt Becca color along. A kiss was granted in return.

Did something get messed up? Couldn't tell if she was camera shy(yeah right) or she was being artistically hard on herself (or was it Aunt Becca who went outside the lines?)

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Future MLB Pitcher?

Jacob has an awesome, very accurate fastball. He thoroughly enjoyed showing off his pitching style!
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