Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coming to a BlogRoll Near You....

I'm thinking that I want to start another blog that contains only nature: wildlife, scenery, other non wild life animal forms, flowers, plants, sunrises, sunsets and any and all combination mixes of such. I want to leave my "showcasing" blog for family, friends and humans. My nature blog I might turn into a gallery type thing where people can order prints. NOTE to self: check and make sure this is legal to do on blogger forum.

You may see some familiars that I've posted on the "showcasing" blog, but I'm holding out some newer stuff as we speak.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Questions, suggestions, comments, criticisms-whatever. I'll probably have it look similiar to the existing one.

Stay tuned for the title and unveiling soon.

Thank you all my readers!


Wendy said...

I think it's a great idea...wouldn't want all those moose and sunsets cluttering up the pics of my kids, you know! :) JK!
Seriously, it is a good idea, and I've seen plenty of blogs that sell stuff.
Have you ever checked out cafepress?

VELVET said...

ooh - you should totally do it! i love the idea of separate websites. your pix are SO awesome - i think there would really be a market for selling them, too.
ps - i should probably be writing this on her own blog, but happy belated bday, wendy! :) LOVE that pix w/the balloons!