Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Never Thought in My Life........

I was invited out to an appreciation lunch by one of my bosses (and friend), Sarah.( Same Sarah with the goats.) We went to her favorite little bistro "Veronica's". Their menu is a fairly healthy one of soups and sandwiches with teas and coffees. Very quaint. On this particualr day the only soup that sounded appealing to me was the "Hot and Sour". Upon delivery to our table, I looked at it's contents and was happy to see what I thought was cheese chunks and potato wedges. So I made sure both were on one spoonful and unsuspectingly took a hearty mouthful.

Well the texture was spongy, mushy and the taste was deplorable!! I'm thinking ," This ain't no potato and cheese!" I graciously kept my cool and swallowed it. Upon closer examination of my bowl I was disgusted to realize I had willfully put a giant slice of MUSHROOM and chunk of TOFU---IN MY MOUTH!!!!!

Anybody who knows me, knows that that just ain't right! I did survive, but after relaying this story to my husband, he insisted on my gargling with mouthwash before I would be allowed a kiss. You see, neither of us are big fans of fungus or tofu and I was double wammyed.
I never thought in my lifetime......

Good Fishing in Homer

Kathie and Bob Brooks are a terrific couple we are fortuante to be friends with. I used to be Kathie's assistant while she was with Home Depot and Bob is the traffic control tower manager at the Kenai airport. We live on the same street and they have a boat. So they invited us out for some halibut fishing. It was a beautiful day and the Sadler's outfished the Brooks'. Jerry's reeling in one of his flat fish future dinners.
Kathie watches from her great top deck vantage point.
Bob helped bring the fish on board by gaffing it.
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Otter Family Swim

On our way back in from our awesome day of fishing, we came upon an otter family enjoying the nice weather. The baby spent most of the time riding on (probably Momma's) tummy. Kind of looked like a swimming/feeding lesson.

Catching a wave.

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Not the Only Ones Fishin'

We were fortunate to happen upon a couple of Minke whales feeding. They are magnificent to see.

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Clean and Prep

Jerry holding up one of our beauties. Approx a 20-25 pounder. Best size for good eatin'. Halibut have no bones. You get 4 slabs of boneless filets. They are the easiest fish to clean, cook and eat. See those people in the background? They are a Philippino family that owns an Asian restraunt on the Spit. They hang out at the cleaning tables and ask fisherman for the fish heads when they're done getting the main meat off. They then waste nothing on the carcass and salvage every possible scrap and the eyes. You know what they use it for? Fish Head Soup. They sell it at their diner.
Yes that's me trying to help filet out the fish. I'm not very fast at it and don't do it well enough yet not to waste alot of meat.
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In Town for Dinner

A momma moose and her twins were catching some dinner in town behind the medical office where Kimberly works across the street from the hospital.

MMMM-mm!! Yummy clover.

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Lake Sadler

The other day we had a torrential downpour of a rainstorm. Within minutes we had a pond in our obviously pourly drainaged backyard.
Being the end lot lined with a windbreak of trees, we become recipients of all sorts of non-heavy yard toys from neighbors north of us. Most recently a couple of beach balls that Jerry rescued and gave them usefullness.
The backyard pond found it's outlet along the sideyard, making a small creek to the street.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another....

Hello lonely misunderstanding blog and it's peeps. So I kinda got the storage gigabyte issue fixed and then a nasty virus overtook our computer's operating system. It was a long battle, but me thinks we have the villian on the run, but it has left a few germs behind. I was afraid of downloading anything more(like awesome pictures) on the off chance I would end up losing them or they catch a similiar illnesses.
I can no longer live with this fear and loathing of the technological beast. I will take a leap of faith that not all will be lost, and download my camera's precious images. Stayed tuned for soon there will be blogging of more Alaska wildlife (moose, otters and whales) from a recent fishing trip and the lake we briefly had in our backyard and a few more little tidbits.
Thank you for your continued patience.