Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clean and Prep

Jerry holding up one of our beauties. Approx a 20-25 pounder. Best size for good eatin'. Halibut have no bones. You get 4 slabs of boneless filets. They are the easiest fish to clean, cook and eat. See those people in the background? They are a Philippino family that owns an Asian restraunt on the Spit. They hang out at the cleaning tables and ask fisherman for the fish heads when they're done getting the main meat off. They then waste nothing on the carcass and salvage every possible scrap and the eyes. You know what they use it for? Fish Head Soup. They sell it at their diner.
Yes that's me trying to help filet out the fish. I'm not very fast at it and don't do it well enough yet not to waste alot of meat.
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Wendy said...

Fish-head soup ranks right up there with the tofu and mushroom...where's your sense of adventure? :)