Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Never Thought in My Life........

I was invited out to an appreciation lunch by one of my bosses (and friend), Sarah.( Same Sarah with the goats.) We went to her favorite little bistro "Veronica's". Their menu is a fairly healthy one of soups and sandwiches with teas and coffees. Very quaint. On this particualr day the only soup that sounded appealing to me was the "Hot and Sour". Upon delivery to our table, I looked at it's contents and was happy to see what I thought was cheese chunks and potato wedges. So I made sure both were on one spoonful and unsuspectingly took a hearty mouthful.

Well the texture was spongy, mushy and the taste was deplorable!! I'm thinking ," This ain't no potato and cheese!" I graciously kept my cool and swallowed it. Upon closer examination of my bowl I was disgusted to realize I had willfully put a giant slice of MUSHROOM and chunk of TOFU---IN MY MOUTH!!!!!

Anybody who knows me, knows that that just ain't right! I did survive, but after relaying this story to my husband, he insisted on my gargling with mouthwash before I would be allowed a kiss. You see, neither of us are big fans of fungus or tofu and I was double wammyed.
I never thought in my lifetime......

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velvet said...

that's funny :) that happened to my sis-in-law recently - she is NOT a fan of tofu, and ended up eating an entire meal of it that she THOUGHT was chicken :) she was indignant when she found out! hee hee.
your pix are so great - i love seeing those sweet otters!