Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Life

Anna was WAAAy less enthusiastic about her pumpkin while Mykenna showed off her muscles with a bigger one.

She was content to color and even let Aunt Becca color along. A kiss was granted in return.

Did something get messed up? Couldn't tell if she was camera shy(yeah right) or she was being artistically hard on herself (or was it Aunt Becca who went outside the lines?)

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Wendy said...

These are some hysterical pics, and now I'm off to re-download Picasa 3!

I Moose Alaska said...

These are hilarious! She's so dramatic (in a good way) :) I LOVE the new Picasa formatting/editing! I haven't D/L it yet, I'm afraid to after what happened to Wendy :\