Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drill Baby Drill !!

Sorry to get political on my blog, but this video hits a nerve with our house. Jerry and I both lost our jobs on the North Slope oil field becaue our government will not let our employers drill. They have bogged them down with rules and regulations and threats of yanking their leases. That 74 miles? Yeah. That's the project we were on. 2 production wells were drilled and tested. There is enough oil and gas in those 2 wells and the pocket they've tapped, to last our lifetime and the lifetimes of our children's children. And yet Obama approved our country to give $2 BILLION to Brazil to drill so that we can buy it from them. Does that make sense? The major oil companies are so environmentally conscience about the animals and ecosystems there, that it is hard to get a full days work done. So please, get involved with your politicians. We can make our own energy and will be employing thousands and thousands of people. Too many have already been put on the sidelines waiting.

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