Friday, June 11, 2010

We ARE Farmers

The other day while Andrew was visiting, he had this conversation with his Uncle Jerry regarding the dirt
between the house and the grass. Not the dirt in the flower bed well- the dirt on the ground.

Andrew: "This dirt is really good dirt."
Jerry: " It's really not that good of dirt."
Andrew: " Well, you're not a farmer like me, so i really know if it's good dirt or not."

I didn't know that Farmer Andrew was actually working a dirt farm. I thought his was a working ANIMAL farm.

BUT WAIT! What's this? Jerry is working more dirt? Maybe he is a farmer after all.

And look at what us non farmers accomplished in 2 evenings. I think it turned out gorgeous.

But what do we know?-we're not farmers. :)
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Mark and Wendy said...

Wow, your flower bed is GORGEOUS!!! Although I must say, we REAL farmers don't have time for such ornamental niceties...
LOL! :)

T said...

LOL!!! Certain TYPES of farmers would have their ornamental niceties eaten by their farm subjects.