Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Gifts

Gramma Linda gave Anna her favorite numbers DVD of her very own.

And she made Anna her very own apron so she could help Mommy in the kitchen. Mom was also making a matching apron for Wendy, still in production.

The Hornbergers accessorized her feet with very adorable sandals. (no she is not kicking her brother in the butt. Funny timing though.)

Aunt Kimmy, Mykenna and Keenan gave her books and a stuffed lemur that had a pink striped tail.
Her brothers gave her a complete tea serving set.
Aunt Becca and Mike gave her a farm set.( The brothers were also excited about that.)
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Mark and Wendy said...

If you look at the farm set collage, the picture of Jacob in the 2nd row on the far right looks like he's a silo-head!

T said...

LOL! it looks like an oversized yamaka(no idea of spelling on that.)