Saturday, July 5, 2008

Teach a Boy to be a Fisher.......

Aunt Rebecca and her boyfriend Dave took the boys to do some rainbow trout fishing at Johnson Lake where it had just been stocked. Andrew was soooo proud of his catch. They each had caught about 10 6" trout as seen here all together in a ziploc. Everything can go in a Ziploc. Mark and Wendy were having dinner at our house when the boys got done fishing. So Rebecca brought them here. To my slight discomfort, the boys immediately wanted to clean and cook their catch. It's not that I'm squeamish about dead stuff, blood, guts and all that, it's just that my house is still so brand new... and fish scales and bloodguts.... just don't go with my de'cor.
So at 10 pm, we set the card table out in the front yard, where Wendy and Rebecca proceeded to teach and instruct 2 very Alaskan boys how to cut, gut and clean their fish. Wendy is using a native ULU knife....

...While Rebecca handles a filet knife. And yes, it is this light out at 10 pm Alaska SummerTime. (we still had 2 1/2 hours of daylight to burn....) Wendy showing Andrew how to squish the guts and poop out of the hole where it's head used to be.

Wendy was carefully de-boning teeny tiny fishys.
(We had started dinner of sausage before Rebecca got back w/ the boys. It wasn't intended to be a backup plan. We didn't know the boys wanted to clean and cook their catch right away.)

MMMM! fresh lake rainbow trout, grilled with butter.

The boys liked eating the fishes of their labors! It was pretty good eating and very generous of them to share it with us.

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Wendy said...

Come, come fish guts and scales for your decor? What kind of Alaskan are you? :) Love the first pic of Andrew...he's beaming with pride!

Wendy said...

After re-reading, looking for the pic you added (which I can't tell which one it is!), I wanted to add a note that you don't squeeze the guts and poop out of where the head's where the tail was. :) I know, details, details!