Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 11 Bonaire 11-2-10

 A herd of  hip "Downtown Goats". Not to be confused with "Uptown Goats".

Weather was only marginally good today. We had a short window in the morning but it was somewhat dark and murky in the water due to everything being stirred up by the storm. So we snorkeled about an hour before bagging it and doing more shopping.

These shell flamingos are set in the cement sidewalk in front of every shoppe.
Downtown Kralendijk is a charming one way street with lots of souvenier and jewelry stores. A little bit of something for everybody, except a book in English for Jerry. He finished reading everything on his reader and we still have long day's flight ahead of us in a few days. Hopefully he can find something he likes in Houston airport.

We went out for dinner tonight to a restaurant called "Unbelievable". Not a very accurate name because even though the food was delicious, it didn't warrant an "unbelievable" status. There was something odd, not as astounding as unbelievable, but definately made you go "huh?". The waiter sat 2 people for dinner, but brought over the basket of rolls containing 3 rolls, and the butter dish had 4 pats of butter. Math is hard eveywhere evidently. 

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