Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Beaches Bonaire

piles and piles of dead coral washed up on the island

The island is literally made of nothing but coral. Dead coral is the beach medium-not sand. Shells and coral everywhere. There really isn't any rocks- only dead, fossilized, petrified coral and shell pieces. But you cannot take any of it off the island. Unfortunate.
Weird little homages built by people lined the southern shores. I have never seen so many orphaned flipflops, sandals and shoes anywhere and everywhere along the coast.

A shell Jerry found

Brain coral was my favorite. I wish I could bring some home as a garden decoration.

An assortment of coral and shells I found and debated smuggling off the island. I did the right thing and left them to be enjoyed by others on Bonaire

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Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson