Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 1 Bonaire 10-23-10

After the completely frustrating start to this vacation, we left Houston after an 8 hour layover at 1130pm Friday night. We landed on the island of Bonaire at 530am under a full moon and beautiful sunrise.

Our condo is walking distance from the airport, so instead of waiting in line for our rental or a taxi, I had our car rental rez begin at 300pm, giving us time to sleep a little. And we just walked over to the condo.

Bonaire is an arid, desert island. Very hot and oppressingly humid. Good thing they have all this easy access water around to keep the heat at bay. On
10-10-10, they were absolved from the now dissolved Territory known as Netherland-Antilles and are now part of the commonwealth of Holland. Tomato/tomahto- it's still Dutch.

We picked up our rental (Toyota Hilux 5 speed manual transmission) and we went for a look-see trip to the north. We found the 1st town ever established on Bonaire. The town of Rincon. Built in the middle of the island away from the sea to escape constant marauding by pirates. I think we got lost coming back to Kralendijk (crawl in dink) but Jerry says we were temporarily misplaced.

Once we got back to the city, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Casablanca, where the salad bar was sliced cucumbers, potato salad and cabbage salad. But the dressing was delicious on my cucumbers.


Rebecca said...

Hilux! Those were allllll over Ethiopia. Well, I say "all over" - there weren't many, but they were definitely the nicest vehicles there

T said...

that's not saying much.