Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14 Bonaire 11-5-10

We got so much done early this morning, but only because I couldn't get back to sleep about 330-4am. So i just got up and Jerry followed. We got a good jump on packing. The Sea Princess cruise ship cruised into port about 7a and at some point a Star Clipper ship sailed in right behind it.
We ran a few errands and spent the afternoon in the pool. It was very relaxing. We took a nap and headed out to dinner to what everyone has said and we now believe also is the best pizza. We were seated at a corner table where the wall at my back was open cement block. I was half joking with Jerry that if a gecko came to a hole in the wall, I didn't want to know about it.

Well over Jerry's shoulder on the wall, is a painting of a tree. It's a tall painting done on a 2inch canvas frame split in 2 so there is a top half of the tree and a bottom half. Each frame was separated by about 3 inches. The restaurant was very dimly lit, but Jerry casually says, "than I definately won't point out the 2 frogs watching us." Sure enough a "tree" frog was sitting between the 2 paintings with a tiny little one next ot him. Just. Sitting. Watching. me. Eat. creepy. But they minded their manners and didn't jump at me.

Leaving tomorrow and it's very bittersweet. Bitter because a fantastic vacation comes to an end, but sweet because I'll soon get to see my family and I haven't been home in a month.

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Mark and Wendy said...

I love clipper ships! Always so picturesque!