Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 4 Bonaire 10-26-10

Today we went to snorkel at some other suggested sites. We went south to try Pink Beach. The beach wasn't pink and there was no reef which makes it boring. Diverse marine life live on a reef, so if you want to see variety....

So we headed farther south to Margate Bay. It looked like a decent reef, but entry was difficult. The surf was rougher making it harder to keep balance and there were not many places to settle to get your gear on.

Then we noticed that all the rocky shallows had sea urchins in all the recesses. If we were to lose our balance or need a handhold, grabbing onto a spiny, needly sea urchin would put us in a whole lotta hurt.

So we decided to go where we knew the snorkeling was great-the condo. From there we went across the channel and saw a plethora of pretty fish. Including a French Angelfish!!! I love angelfish! They are huge compared to what you see in an aquarium. This one was about a foot and a half in diameter. But they are also elusive and most times like the deeper waters. So we felt lucky to see this one as close as we did.

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