Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is What Fun Looks Like!!

It was a great day w/the MP bunch. The older kids had last day of space camp and while Wendy ran errands, I played w/ them all at the playground. Forgive some of the picture's quality. I have new camera and it was a time for settings experimentation. Some good-some not so good. But you can definitely get the gist of a good time! (I love the one below w/ Anna's head thrown back in a squeal of delight.)"Put your hands in the air-it's more fun like this!"

The teeter totter seemed a bit tilted pairing wise-but they didn't seem to mind the imbalance of physics.
She really is laughing- not crying.

Big girl on the slide by herself. I wish I could've gotten her face on her way down. It was a little scared and apprehensive but very cute. But I focused on being there for her when she got to the bottom.

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I Moose Alaska said...

I STILL can't stop watching these over and over, and I STILL laugh to the point of tears every time! HAA HAA HAA, HAA HAA HAA! LOL! She cracks me up! :)