Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Andrew's Camping 7th Birthday Party

Here's the birthday boy now!

It took many helping hands to setup the mini condo the Milligans call a "tent".

Happy Birthday to Andrew!

The only thing to do with a delicious leftover gluten/dairy free cake. We couldn't risk attracting bears now could we?

Space-the final Frontier is a big interest to Andrew.
Yes Aunt T wrapped his July birthday gifts in Christmas paper. It was all I had in the house and I was informed that the presentation of a gift is a huge part of the gift receiving/opening process, so plastic shopping bags will no longer be used by the Sadler's to wrap gifts.

Aunt T and Uncle Jerry got him a new football and nerf compound bow that can be used indoors and by himself to practice with.
Gramma and Gramps also joined in the Sports and Space theme with baseballs and an aluminum bat. Then his mom and dad got him a bow and arrows (real), that he can use only with their supervision.

Guess who gave him the lousy T-shirt? :)
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Mark and Wendy said...

1 queen size air mattress, 1 playpen, and 2 sleeping mats for the boys later, it no longer feels like a mini-condo!
And it's not a lousy t-shirt. :)