Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camping+ Celebration=Good Times

Anna is ready to CAMP!
Anna Chillin' w/ Gramma until the fun begins.....

Mike and Rebecca working on the annex tent...
Kimberly gives Jacob a hand and a push on his bike

The thrill of the (slight) downhill ride makes it seem worth dragging your bike uphill to experience it.

My friend Brittney joined us. She had never made a S'more before. It was her first one. Anna seemed to be a S'more pro. MMMMMMMM!!!

Mykenna gets a big hug from her Mom. Or did Kimberly get a big hug from Mykenna?? Does it matter? Hugs are awesome.
Who wore it better?

COOOOOL picture. Mike is actually a really great guy. These are not the flames of hell licking at him. :)

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Mark and Wendy said...

Ummm...I think Anna wore it better!
And what, pray tell, are Kimberly and Rebecca doing in the picture above that?

I Moose Alaska said...

I believe we were discussing our zippers! Shouldn't everybody know that?! :)