Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Red Salmon

Ok- so I've lived minutes from the world famous Kenai River, known for it's salmon fishing, for 8 years now. And you know what? Just this July I actually fished on it. Rebecca's new boyfriend Mike was in town and she wanted to take him fishing, so I tagged along. I generally don't like eating salmon, which is why I never fished for them. But I have a new mission for my honorary nephew Zak in NY. He only likes salmon when he has an appetite to eat. Unfortunately, the only salmon in NY is inferior Atlantic farmed salmon. So I am fishing for him. Problem is, this was the only stupid fish I caught after standing in the river for 4 hours. You catch reds by snagging them with a hook and you can only keep them if they are snagged in the mouth. I beleive this to be dumb. So now I will fish for Silver salmon next week. You actually use bait. Much more to my liking. Then I'll actually have something worth sending-hopefully.

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