Sunday, March 2, 2008

Redneck Mansion

Not sure where this lovely neighborhood is located, but a few questions come to mind....

A few of mine were:

How does one get the idea to mix travel trailers and connexxes?

How did they get the travel trailers up there?

What is the plumbing scenario like?

Why do they prefer sheets and hanging beads instead of doors?

Is each level a separate room or a separate home?

Is it rentable for family vacations?

What are your first thoughts?


Wendy said...

Mark's: Hmmm...
Wendy's: Why? and then, "Such ingenuity...I want the gray one on top!"

I Moose Alaska said...

Why isn't there a pink one?!

T or Aunt T or Tricia said...

Ahh! good question Rebecca.