Saturday, March 15, 2008

Racing the Sunrise

On my way to work, I noticed how awesome the sunrise was in my sideview mirrors. In case I couldn't get to work's parking lot before it went away, I took some pics of it in the mirrors. (I know, I know... not the safest thing to do, but I would never do this w/ others in the vehicle while driving.)

But I got there in time to snap these beauties and the strange "cutoff" formation it had.
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Anonymous said...

u hav adorable children. wow, your a great photographer. Also you really understand your blessings. good job, keep up the good work

T or Aunt T or Tricia said...

Thank you But-- the beautiful children are creations of my 2sister's and their husbands. I'm just the Awesome Aunt T. Your comment just pushed forward an idea I've been having to start another blog of just my nature photos. Will be a work in progress. stay tuned.