Friday, December 28, 2007

Staying at Sadler B n B

Nite Nite time Sleep tight
Quick bedtime story.

Andrew tries out the king size mattress he and Jacob will sleep on.

Aunt Rebecca took the boys sledding. Our front yard has a not so big hill, so it made thrills hard to come by,but entertaining to watch.

Andrew got a telescope from a nice lady at Mom and Kimberly's work. As Uncle Jerry was helping him get it set up, Andrew would mischieviously cover up the end and ask innocently '' Can you see anything Uncle Jerry?". This kid has a great sense of humor!

Uncle Jerry is NOT causing Anna's hair to stand up. Her hair is like this the majority of the time, Anna just wanted him to touch her nose.

The toy selection at Sadler B n B is very limited. Bless Jacob and his imagination. I had collected most of the "Little Nemo" happy meal toys, and they kept him occupied for a long time.

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