Saturday, December 8, 2007


YAAY! Though we haven't closed yet.... Our contractor/financer was really sick on Thursday and Friday but said that if we brought him proof of insurance, he would let us move in this weekend. We will close then on Monday. Jerry and I emptied our storage(staging) unit on Thursday, my Dad helped w/ heavy stuff on Friday and Jerry and I are getting the rest of the piddly stuff we didn't really have room for or ran out of boxes to pack up. I feel bad that we begged off helping Wendy move, but we really hadn't finished up yet ourselves. Though, Wendy is sending a bunch of stuff back in the Uhaul for us to unload at our apartment to sell in next week's indoor garage/moving sale.
Now for a funny yet frustrating story:
I called ACS to switch our phone and DSL internet service to the new place. Nice guy named Glen said the earliest they could come out and activate those lines would be Thursday the 13th. No problem. But then I get a lady from ACS leaving me a message that they would be unable to perform that order on the date scheduled. They would call us and let us know the rescheduled date but had no ETA at this time. She closed the message with: and I quote "No need to call us-we will call you". HUH? And how will we be getting that message?... We moved and have no service...........??? The call I did make to them has yet gone unanswered.... So- no idea when phones and internet will be available to us. NEW # 907-262-3959.

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