Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aunt T Teaches

1st off, I would like to point out that once again, my Dad is looking goofy in pictures. Whether he is intended to be in the shot or not. I'm really not sure what he was feeling or what he was trying to convey, but it makes me laugh everytime I look at it. Toooo funny!!! Not his intention I'm sure, but it happens alot.
While their parents are away picking up their new baby sister, Andrew, Jacob and Anna were staying with my parents. But they were going to be there on a school day and Mom had to work. Wendy asked if I wouldn't mind teaching the boys for a day. I was pleased to help. I'm not sure who learned more that day- me or the boys, but we had alot of fun.
The boys were working on a combined spelling/reading/writing lesson plan I prepared. 2 of my sisters are teachers and very good ones. God bless 'em for the patience and smarts to handle kids all day to keep them entertained and behaved, lessons planned out every single day to nourish their ever-growing minds, and new ideas to keep boredom at bay for everyone involved. 1 day for me was a challenge, but I loved it and had a blast with my nephews. I hope they feel the same.
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Mark and Wendy said...

I'm very impressed! Looks like a fabulous lesson! Can you come sub the rest of the week? ;)