Friday, May 25, 2007

Juneau Oddities

I visited this Avalanche sight my 1st trip at the end of May.

This is the same sight 1st week of July.

Jerry came to visit me the 1st week of July. I had left for my fourth trip on June 24th and
had to stay gone until July 13th. Way too long not to be together. So he came down for his birthday and 4th of July celebrations. I had a blast showing him around. We hiked and explored the bottom part of the avalanche sight. It still had alot of snow not melted, but heavy runoff. Wish we had goldpanning equipment.
We found weirdly enough, a swimmer/ snorkel fin in the runoff river at the bottom of the avalanche sight.
a) someone was snorkeling at the top of the mountain in the snow and lost their fin.
b) someone was snorkeling at the bottom of the mountain in the freezing glacial water and lost their fin.
c) snorkelers no matter where or why they are on a mountain, are a taste treat for bears, but bears distaste swimmer fins.
d) bears have a secret need of fins when fishing.

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