Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Anna Joy Arrives!

Anna Joy was due any day, but I was flying back to Juneau on June 4th. I called Wendy early that morning and asked her if there was ANY reason why I should not get on the plane. Wendy said that nothing had changed, nothing was going on, so I flew to Juneau.
Tuesday June 5th(the very next day), Mom called my cellphone midmorning to say that Wendy had gone to the hospital about 4am that morning and that true labor was happening.There are only 3 flights direct to Anchorage from Juneau in a day, and God graced me to get the 1:30p. Otherwise I'd have to wait until the 8p.
My awesome friend Brittney went with me back to my hotel room on her lunch and helped me repack everything I had only just unpacked the night before. We had me packed and good to go in 10 minutes!!
In God's great timing, I got back to Kenai with lots of time to spare and witness Anna's arrival @ 9:40p!
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